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Based on 27 reviews
No Sweat Undershirt White
Kenyatta Deverteuil
Very good

The tshirts works very good, great job on this product


Love these t shirts. I get soo sweaty even when it’s not really hot. These t shirts don’t show it at all and give me confidence to not have to wear extra layers

No Sweat Undershirt White

Sweat Proof Undershirt White


Fast, Punctual, polite and of course good product!

I purchased 2 shirts and are purchasing two more now!

I purchased 2 shirts and are purchasing two more now. I love these - they do exactly what they promise to do, are extremely comfortable, durable, helps with back sweat, and seamless underneath my clothes.

No Sweat Undershirt White
Nils Eivind Risvand
Best on market

I have tried an undershirt and a t-shirt, both really good products. Amazing how sweat stains simply does not arise, and also very strtchy and comfortable to wear.


Excellent. Due to Covid19 and general forgetfulness we didn't get around to return a polo for many months in order to get a different size but still no problems and l just received my new polo in the correct size. So thumbs up for their flexible return policy

World class support

I wrote Labfresh after I mistyped the address on my order. 5 minutes later Martin replies, saying he fixed my problem and that my parcel is on its way.

Quality clothes for a better tomorrow - of which they can be proud of

This company should be seriously proud of their product(s). I am of course happy with all the sweaters, polos and t-shirts from No Sweat Clothing, even with red wine spilled over it, but what their socks have went through is bizarre.

At last, but not at least, their clothes are super easy to combine and it’s hard to go wrong in style. Just plain quality.

Great products!

Great products and great customer care.


As expected again great product and service
Even when ordering on Sunday next day delivering!

No Sweat stands out in exceeding my expectations

No Sweat stands out in exceeding my expectations in customer experience and the experience of their products. Very happy with it.

Better than a regular polo!

Playing golf in Florid heat a lot, and this is a much better product than the regular polos. Had these for a month now, the effect stays, the collars don't curl, and the fit is accurate.

No Sweat Polo Shirt Navy
Allison Chieson
Fantastic product

My husband suffers from hyperhidrosis. And these polos are an absolute life saver! They are extremely comfortable an no sweat shows at all. Not even on humid Manchester days! Would highly recommend this for anyone suffering this condition. Would recommend going one size up if you're not sure what size to go for. He wishes they had more colours, so I sent them an email about it :P

This was exactly as described!

If anyone is familiar with Thompson T, these not only covers your underarm, but the entire garment. It catches all of my sweat! I feel like it dries much quicker though. It looks exactly like a normal polo on the outside. Would definitey recommend, and I will be purchasing the light blue color soon.

No Sweat Polo Shirt Navy
Christine Meislinger
My husband aproves! Haha

I got this for my husband and he loves it. I live in Texas where it gets hot, and he wore this the whole day the other day, and trust me, these are sweat proof! The color is very nice, the fit just perfect. The length is also good and the fabric is breathable. It has good 'stretch' to it, and washes nicely without having to be ironed. This is the perfect polo if you want to stay cool all day without worrying about sweat marks.

Super comfortable and effective

Material is strong, but has a nice stretch to it. Fits comfortably as an undershirt. If you want to wear it as an every day, maybe size up one for a little bit looser fit. Sweat is not an issue, even under heavy exertion.

No Sweat T-Shirt White
Carlos Herrera
Very satisfied

I use these shirts every day now. Of course they are perfect when it's hot, but I get sweaty armpits even just working from home in the winter, and these work perfectly for me. I have also tested them in the gym just to try, and they work great.

No Sweat T-Shirt Black
Jonathan Hutchinson
Excellent for compensatory sweating

I'm a hyperhydrosis sufferer, mainly from my back, chest and shooulders. And whilst there are many solutions that can solve underarm sweat stains there are few which offer all over torso protection. No Sweat Clothing however does. And they're a game changer. I can now happily wander about in 25+ degree heat without a worry.

Nothing shows on the exterior - the interior however is another story! When it comes to the underarms, these as just as good as the other brands who solely focus on underarm sweat.

I'm glad I found them! Fit and material is also great and post wash they are still like new.

Best shirt ever!!

I have been struggling with Hyperhidrosis for some years now, and I have tried most clinical products etc. And they either don't work or irritate my skin. I never had the confidence to wear light color shirts because of my underarm sweat stains, so I tried this t-shirt, and it worked like magic!! So I bought 4 more! Haha! It simply gave me the self confidence I needed especially during the hot sommer days. Being the first summer with my new girlfriend and all.. Recommending this all the way!


I’m a sweaty guy, and it explodes during stress. And now I was going to a wedding with my new girlfriend, so was extremely anxious about my sweating. Normally I’d have to wear a cardigan or blazer to hide my sweat stains. After trying all the brands there is, I took a chance and got my undershirt from No Sweat Clothing. This shirt saved mye life!!! Get men right here, I was definitely sweating and NOT A SINGLE DROP of sweat showed through my dress shirt! I’ll recommend this shirt a thousand times over. I’m going to buy more ASAP!

Does the job

Worn once and did what it said on the tin. Nice stretchy soft material that doesn't cling when you are sweating, dries out quickly.

No Sweat Undershirt White
Thomas Johansson
Finally a good product

I would recommend this to anyone who are anxious about showing sweat stains. Personally Ive been looking for some sort of solution. I didn’t know this technology existed until my college recommended me to buy an undershirt that blocks sweat. 
The best part is that this fits perfectly around both my shoulders, arms and hip. 
Long story short; This is a «must get one» for anyone out there who wears white shirts and sweats a bit.

Didn't show any sweat marks at work!

For the first time in years I actually haven't shown any sweat marks either on my back or under my armpits... You have no idea how happy this really makes me feel!

Finally blocking sweat from my back

Finally a product that makes me feel safe from sweat marks on my back. Already told my friends ⭐️

Hi Viggo! Isn't it amazing having protection from those sweat marks all over the piece of clothing?:) This is what we made our clothes for, protecting against any kind of sweat stains (or stains in general), for absolutely anyone.

Best regards,


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