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From Norway to Japan, and back.

We wanted to help

Without the use of surgery or medicine

Today, many suffering from Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating have to turn to surgical injections with Botox or other kinds of medicine. Botox could be both expensive and painful, and the medications can lead to unwanted side effects.

To be truly proud we had to have


Our goal was to be able to develop new clothing products, with well-functioning properties that turn them into a preferred alternative to medical treatment.

We wanted our products to be something revolutionary. And we would accept nothing but the best.

Backed by an Ph.D to deveolop a


We made No Sweat Clothing the heat relief clothing brand backed by a Ph.D. in molecular biology and nanotechnology. 

So combined with our scientific approach, and our own comparative testing, we truly believe that our sweat proof clothing is superior to any other.

The future brings more


With all our heartfelt passion and excitement, we will develop our craft continuously. Because one thing is for certain, we shall remain masters of it.

And, at this very moment, we are here in Norway just waiting (together with the polar bears) for our new collection sweat proof clothing to start arriving.

And, a little spoiler alert, you might make some new favorites this fall.

Final words


We truly hope you will take part in this journey to help us make your everyday life a bit better.

So if you have any tips on how we could improve our clothing (or anything for that matter), we would appreciate any feedback.

«Show nothing but confidence»

- Martin Aker / CEO

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