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The Ultimate Sweat Proof Clothing

Order a new set of confidence today!


Go Sweat Free

Stay away from sweat as long as you wear No Sweat Clothing.

No More Nasty Stains

The microtechnology helps the shirt’s fabric repel invading molecules of drinks.

Goodbye, Bad Odor.

Stay away from odor-causing harmful bacteria and keep slaying all day!

Easy Maintenance

All no sweat shirts are easily washable, durable, and sturdy.

Get Your Confidence Back With Sweat Free Shirt

We provide Exclusively designed Shirts that protect you from sweat, heat, odor, and stains. Stay fresh all day with our sweat proof work clothes, T-shirts, Polo range, and sweatshield undershirts, and keep shining with confidence!

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I've been having issues with my armpits smelling really bad sometimes, so these where just a gift sent from above!

Jonas Kristiansen Just ordered two more t-shirts!

For the first time in years I actually haven't shown any sweat marks either on my back or under my armpits... You have no idea how happy this really makes me feel!

John Caulker simply a must-buy!


So I bought this t-shirts, and as I've bought from other stores before I was a bit sceptic. But this t-shirt blew my mind. Perfectly easy to remove stains and the comfort on the inside was quite nice! Soft like silk.

Kent A. T-shirts work buying!

Tired of Hiding Your Sweat?


Meeting your friends and family or getting ready for an important presentation - sweat stains can really shatter your confidence. It forces you to wear multiple layers of clothing, always wearing black or just hoping your plans get canceled. Sounds familiar? We have the perfect solution for you! No Sweat Clothing products are carefully produced in Norway, leveraging high-end molecular technology.

Learn about our micro-technology

Advanced Stain Repellent Technology

Accidentally spilling your drink can leave nasty stains on your clothes that attract awkward looks from people everywhere you go. But with No Sweat Clothing, you can attend any public gathering and drink whatever you like with confidence. Our stain-proof technology can take on liquids such as wine, water, and juice and prevent them from staining your attire.

Know How

No More Embarrassing Sweat Stains

Always leaving your friends hanging for a high-five? We all know how uncomfortable sweat stains can be. With our product line, you can choose your favorite sweatshield undershirts, sweat proof t-shirts, & sweat proof long sleeve t-shirts. Rest assured to be protected from awkward sweat stains all day long.



Bringing You a Brighter Future

365 million people suffer from excessive sweating worldwide. We delved into providing people with the most coveted sweat proof clothing. Now you can get the best shirts to wear if you sweat a lot,  raise your arms with confidence, improve your well-being, and experience a stress-free life. Read our full story to see how we got here and where we’re heading!

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