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Zoom No Sweat T-Shirt Black
Zoom No Sweat T-Shirt Black
Zoom No Sweat T-Shirt Black
Zoom No Sweat T-Shirt Black
Zoom No Sweat T-Shirt Black

No Sweat T-Shirt Black

£ 34.00

Sweat proof

Sweat wicking

Odor eliminating

Stain repellent

Regular fit

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Made for you to have the confidence to tackle any sweat situation, without the fear of sweat marks or odor.

Sweat proof, moisture wicking, stain resistant, odor repellent, and 100% breathable.

      No Sweat Protection

      No Sweat Clothing guarantees to keep you dry, cool, and fresh, with no bad odor left behind.

      • No more sweat stains, of any kind.
      • No more visible yellow underarm sweat.
      • Odor repellent through antibacterial properties.
      • Sweat absorption and evaporation all over the garment.

      • Repels all types of stains on the outside.
      • Blocks all sweat from the inside.
      • Evaporates all moisture.

      • Tagless, with a flat collar.
      • Soft and comfortable fabric.
      • Quick-drying and stretchy.
      • Reduces stickiness.
      • 100% breathable, moisture and heat escape as a vapor.
      • Odor repellent, wear 2-4 times before washing.

      • Designed to look like any other t-shirt.

      • Machine washer and dryer safe
      • It does not require special care.
      • Wash in water under 40℃ and line dry.
      • Do not bleach.

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      Returns & Exchanges

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      Model Size

      T-shirts are small in size, we recommend sizing up.

      • The model is 170cm (5.7ft) tall, weighs 75kg (165lb) and wears size M
      • Maximum shrinkage of 5%
      • If in doubt, consult our size guide or contact us at

      For detailed measurements, please see our size chart "FIND MY SIZE"

      180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

      Nothing but the best


      Made for you to have the confidence to tackle any sweat situation, without the fear of sweat marks or odor.

      "Show nothing but confidence"


      The inside: Moisture-wicking, odor eliminating, antibacterial, quick-dry, and soft on the skin.

      The outside: Sweat-blocking, stain repellent, moisture evaporating, and breathable

      Sweat proof

      All-over sweat blocking effect.

      Moisture wicking

      Absorbs and evaporates moisture.

      Stain repellent

      Repells all kinds of stains on the outside.

      Odor eliminating

      Antibacterial and quick-dry.


      How are No Sweat Clothing™ different from other brands?

      The main difference between us and other brands, or products, on the market similar to us, is that we have developed our own unique technology wich does more than just protecting an area around your armpits.

      Instead of only having armpit-protection, our fabric protects the whole clothing itself,, of course without the user noticing.

      So, instead of having "extra protective pads" sewed in under your armpits, you'll experience all over sweat blocking, sweat wicking, stain repellent, odour neutralising, breathable and stretchy piece of clothing.

      *Guarantee of production of European standards.

      Read more about Our Story here.

      Will the effectiveness deteorate over time?

      Good News! No, it won’t.

      The sweat repellency properties of the outer layer of the fabric are built on nanotechnology-based molecular reactions within the fabric itself, not spray-on chemicals.

      So even after 100 washes, significant sweat repellency remains an intrinsic property of the fabric.

      Read more about our Secret Technology here.

      How does the sweat-wicking help?

      While the sweat blocking technology stops sweat from showing on the outside, the moisture-wicking technology absorbs and moves the sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, where it evaporates.

      Since the material is antibacterial and 100% breathable, not only does it wick away moisture, but it also dries it out rapidly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric.

      Leaving you feeling clean and fresh. With no odour left behind.

      What does sweat proof mean?

      It means you will be free of any Sweat stains on your clothes. 

      And thanks to our double protective layer, you'll also have complete protection from stains like coffee, milk, or wine on the outside, which creates complete and efficient protection on both sides of our clothes.

      Keeping you cool and fresh on the inside, and free of any kinds of stains on the outside.

      Ready-made for you to enjoy every day without the anxiety of visible stains.

      CARE & SIZES

      What size am I?

      Sizing info:
      • If you're in between sizes, we recommend the following for each of our clothing: For t-shirt's and undershirt's, go up one size, and for polo shirts go down one size.

      • Maximum shrinkage of 5%

      If you are in doubt, please use our fit finder too or look at the size guide

      Still unsure? Contact us with your height, weight and body type and we’ll help you find your perfect size & fit. 

      How do I wash my clothes?

      All they need is normal clothing care.

      One of the advantages of our garments is that they do not need special care for their washing and maintenance. You will find that by the time your shirt comes out of the spin dry cycle in the washer, its already nearly dry.


      However, some pinpoints for best results:

      1. Make sure your sweat proof undershirts are inside out when you put them in the washer. This allows the water and detergent to make unimpeded contact with the areas of sweat protection.

      2. Wash in water under 40℃ on a low cycle with similar colors.

      3. Line dry. Do not dry clean.

      4. Always use the recommended amount of your regular detergent.

      5.Do not use bleach or vinegar.

      Please check the care instructions specified on the label of your shirt.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Nicholas Wilkinson

      Can't really comment bought them in for next summer. Was on offer couldn't resist good bargain.


      Fast, Punctual, polite and of course good product!

      Jonathan Hutchinson
      Excellent for compensatory sweating

      I'm a hyperhydrosis sufferer, mainly from my back, chest and shooulders. And whilst there are many solutions that can solve underarm sweat stains there are few which offer all over torso protection. No Sweat Clothing however does. And they're a game changer. I can now happily wander about in 25+ degree heat without a worry.

      Nothing shows on the exterior - the interior however is another story! When it comes to the underarms, these as just as good as the other brands who solely focus on underarm sweat.

      I'm glad I found them! Fit and material is also great and post wash they are still like new.

      10/10 sweat block

      Found these on Google, and was a bit sceptical at first (after trying severel other brands before), but I’ve finally found one that both actually works and feels good! Bought both this and the white one. I’ll be back!

      Hi Bror! Really glad to hear you’re so satisfied with your new clothes!:) Really means a lot reading these linds of reviews:)


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