How to Remove Sweat Odour from Clothes
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How to Remove Sweat Odour from Clothes

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Dealing with sweat-soaked clothes is a common scenario, whether it's from a day under the sun, an intense workout, or just daily activities. However, the real challenge often lies in tackling the lingering sweat smell. This guide offers practical tips and insights on effectively removing sweaty, musty, and mildew odours from your clothes.


Why Your Clothes Smell

Sweat itself is primarily odourless, but the smell arises from a compound called butyric acid, naturally produced by our bodies during perspiration. This acid, particularly in warm environments, continues generating odorous molecules, contributing to that distinct sweat smell.


Butyric Acid and Bacteria: The Odor-Causing Duo

Butyric acid is a fatty acid that, when mixed with bacteria found on our skin, leads to the development of that familiar sweaty smell. This chemical reaction is more pronounced in synthetic fabrics, which tend to trap moisture and create an environment conducive to odour.


how to get sweat smell out of clothes. how to remove sweat smell from clothes. eliminating sweaty smell on clothes. get rid of sweat smell in clothes. remove sweat smell from shirt. apparel smell removal. Remove bad odour clothes

How to Remove Bad Odor from Clothes


Despite its strong smell, vinegar is excellent at removing sweat and musty odours. Soak your clothes in vinegar before washing, ensuring they're fully submerged. An hour-long soak or leaving them overnight can work wonders.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective for absorbing sweat odours. Apply a baking soda paste to the affected areas and wash after a brief period. This method is particularly useful for tackling stubborn smells.


Hydrogen Peroxide

A pre-treatment with hydrogen peroxide can break down the odour-causing compounds in sweat. This section explains its usage and effectiveness.


Essential Oils

For times when washing isn't feasible, a spray of essential oils mixed with water can refresh your clothes. This part will guide you on which oils to use and how to mix them.


Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can provide quick relief from underarm odours. It's a convenient option for a fast fix.


Specialized Laundry Additives

For persistent odours, specialized laundry additives can be a great solution. They're formulated to target and eliminate sweat smells from fabrics.


How to Prevent Sweat Smells in Clothes

Preventing sweat smells from setting into your clothes is often more effective than trying to remove them later. Here are some preventative tips:


Regular Hygiene

Washing your armpits with antibacterial soap reduces the bacteria that cause sweat to smell.


Using Deodorant

Deodorants help mask odour, while ingredients like alcohol kill bacteria that cause the smell.


Wearing Clothes Once

Avoid re-wearing clothes to prevent the buildup of butyric acid and odours.


Choosing Antiperspirants

They contain aluminum, which reduces sweating and, in turn, the amount of butyric acid produced.


Air Out Clothes

If you can't wash sweaty clothes immediately, air them out to prevent odour buildup.


Maintain Your Washing Machine

Ensure it's clean and functioning well to effectively remove odours.


Wash Clothes Inside Out

This exposes the more sweat-absorbent side of the fabric directly to the detergent.


Opt for Smaller Laundry Loads

This ensures each garment is thoroughly cleaned and free of sweat odours.


Air-Dry Clothes

Sunlight and fresh air can help neutralize sweat odours naturally.


Avoid Fabric Softeners

They can trap odours in fabrics. Natural alternatives like baking soda or vinegar are better choices.


Choose the Right Fabrics

Your choice of fabric can greatly impact how much your clothes retain sweat odours. Some fabrics, like polyester, retain odours more than natural fibers like cotton.


How No Sweat Clothing Can Help You

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