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Eliminate sweat stains and odour.

Eliminate sweat stains and bad odour caused by antiperspirants with our all over sweat blocking polo shirts.

Women's Sky Blue Polo Shirt with anti sweat, anti stain, anti odour and wrinkle-free technology.

The anti sweat polo shirt provides an all-day protection against sweat, stains & odour. The stretchy and breathable fabric, neutralises odour and makes you feel cool, fresh and comfortable all day.

Our anti sweat polo shirts are perfect if you're having problems with excessive sweating, or like us, not the biggest fan of this warm summer days. Sweat resistant polo shirts has come to the rescue.

They are designed with dual-layer functionality. This makes them sweat resistant on the inside and stain repellent on the outside. Ensuring efficiency and high quality of our sweat proof clothing. 

The micro-perforated inner layer guarantees moisture is efficiently diffused and never escapes to the exterior (no visible stains). The hydrophobic inner layer is antibacterial and helps to reduce odour.

Unlike other similar products out there, our polo shirts are designed with these incredible features throughout the shirt, not just parts of it, giving you full protection. 

Some technical benefits

  • Micro-air space to promote evaporative cooling
  • Double sided mesh to eliminate cling
  • Zig-Zag stitching for the most comfortable fit
  • Hydrophilic liquid-absorbent inner layer
  • Hydrophilic liquid-blocking exterior

Anti Sweat Polo Shirt


    ● Sweat resistant.
    ● Repels all types of stains.
    ● Antibacterial and reduces odours.
    ● Quick drying.Breathable and stretchy fit.
    ● Soft, light and comfortable fabric.
    ● It does not require special care.


    Size & Fit

    ● Our model is 178cm tall, weighs 74kg and wears size M
    Fits to true size.
    ● We recommend sizing up if you're between sizes
    ● If in doubt, contact us at our live chat or contact us at

    Visit our FAQ page here


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    Sweat resistant

    Our products are completely sweat proof. Leaving you free from sweat stains on the outside, and showing nothing but confidence.

    Stain repellent

    Our clothes are repel water-based liquids such as red wine, juice or coffee.

    Odour free

    The antibacterial properties kill odour-causing bacteria. Leaving you both cool and odour free.

    Easy care

    All our sweat- and stain resistant clothes are easy care, so it doesn't need ironing in-between washes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do the sweat blocking wear off?

    No, it doesn't.

    The sweat repellency properties of the outer layer of the fabric are built on nanotechnology-based molecular reactions within the fabric itself, not spray-on chemicals. So even after 100 washes, significant sweat repellency remains an intrinsic property of the fabric.

    Do they protect more than my armpits?

    Yes, they do!

    Our clothes have all-over protection.

    Do they need special care?

    No, all they need is normal clothing care.

    Wash in water under 40℃ and line dry. 

    One of the advantages of our garments is that they do not need special care for their washing and maintenance.

    Do not forget to check the washing and care conditions specified on the label of your shirt.

    You will find that by the time your shirt comes out of the spin dry cycle in the washer, its already nearly dry!

    Are the undershirts see-through?

    Our undershirts are thin enough to wear under regular t-shirts or button-downs, but thick enough to not be see-through.

    Thus, you can either wear the shirts as you would a traditional undershirt or on their own or with an open button-down shirt.

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    No sweat - No problem


    Thanks to our Japanese scientists in biochemistry and molecular technology, we're able to utilize the latest in Japanese nanotechnology.

    The result; serving you the best sweat resistant and stain repellent clothing ever made.

    What about stains?


    The outer layer protects you from all kinds of stains. Even those impossible wine stains from your late nights out and about.

    And what about odour?


    Guaranteed protection from those yellow sweat stains under your armpits, as well as the bad odour that often comes with them.


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