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Sweat Proof Polo Pique
Sweat Proof Polo Pique

No Sweat Clothes

Sweat Proof Polo Pique

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Our Polo Pique shirts prevent sweat stains, helps against odor, feeling cool, fresh, and comfortable all day. Our Piques are designed with dual-layer functionality, ensuring efficiency and high quality of our apparel.
The micro-perforated inner layer guarantees moisture is efficiently diffused and never escapes to the exterior (no visible stains!). The hydrophobic inner layer is antibacterial and helps to reduce odor. Unlike other similar products out there, our Pique is designed with these incredible features throughout the shirt, not just parts of it, giving you full coverage!

The Hydrophobic liquid-blocking outer layer repels most liquids and stains. Water, wine, coffee, and other liquids come right off! The breathable fabric keeps you cool without sticking or clamping to your body. In addition, we use custom-made membranes under the arms, to furthermore secure underarm sweat. Our fabrics dries 4 times faster than cotton. Take the shirts out of the wash spin cycle and you will find that they are almost dry!

An impenetrable waterproof membrane in the high friction area of the underarms ensures that no matter how much pressure you apply, no sweat is getting through this particularly troublesome spot. Our Polo Pique has all-over protection—unlike other sweat blocking shirts, sweat resistance is present all over the shirts, not just in the underarms. This means sweat is prevented from coming through all over, including the chest, back, and sides. In addition, it also has these incredible features; Luxuriously soft, resists wrinkling, holds colors better than cotton so no color fading with repeated washes, and shrink resistance. Also, it has lasting sweat-blocking effects. The sweat repellency properties are due to nanotechnology-based molecular reactions within the fabric itself, not spray-on chemicals. So even after 100 washes, significant sweat repellency remains an intrinsic property of the fabric.