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Black undershirt. Black undershirts. Mens black undershirts. Black undershirt men. Black undershirts mens. Black sweat proof undershirt.
Black undershirt. Black undershirts. Mens black undershirts. Black undershirt men. Black undershirts mens. Black sweat proof undershirt.
Black undershirt. Black undershirts. Mens black undershirts. Black undershirt men. Black undershirts mens. Black sweat proof undershirt.

No Sweat Undershirt Black


Full fabcric protection

✓ Stops sweat stains from showing

✓ Sweat absorption and evaporation

✓ Reduces sweat and wear odors

✓ Repels all types of stains

✓ Light, breathable and soft


Black undershirt with anti sweat, odor & stain technology. Absorbs and evaporates sweat, keeping you dry and fresh all day.

✔️ Protects your dress shirts (no more yellow pit stains).
✔️ No more visible sweat stains or unwanted odor.


    • Stops sweat stains from showing.
    • Absorbs and evaporates moisture.
    • Reduces odor from sweat and wear.
    • Repels all types of stains.
    • Light, breathable and soft fabric.
    • Looks and feel like a normal undershirt.
    • Does not require special care.
    • No-tag design for itch-free wear.

    SIZE & FIT

    • The model is 180cm (5.9ft) tall, weighs 75kg (165lb) and wears size M
    • We recommend sizing up if you're between sizes
    • Maximum shrinkage of 5%
    • If in doubt, consult our size guide or contact us at

    Regular Fit:
    • Fits true to size, if you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up
    • Maximum shrinkage of 5%
    • Wear tucked or untucked

    When in doubt, consult the size chart or contact us at


    Easy to maintain fabric quality and longevity.

    • Wash at 40°C (104°F) or colder, line dry.
    • Air-dry instead of tumble-drying.
    • Do not use bleach.


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    • 90-day returns & 180-day exchanges.

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    We regret to inform you that our last "No Sweat Undershirt" batch, while functional, falls slightly below our usual top-tier quality standards. These discounted undershirts still offer sweat stain protection, albeit with a slightly reduced efficacy.

    Please be advised that all sales are considered final, and we are unable to accommodate exchanges or returns for these items.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Emiliano Barbisan (Perinaldo, IT)


    Daniel Clark-Walters (Grimsby, GB)

    So far so good. Prevents sweat marks as described. Worked really well throughout the day while mildly sweating. Started to dampen on the upper back later in the day while walking in an insulated jacket so held out really well until then of which the dampness was only mild. Still giving them five stars as they do the job well enough for me. I’ve only worn them twice nice so far and so couldn’t say how long the sweat protection will last after several washes. I will buy more in future though. Hopefully the new superior batch will be even better. Thanks for making such a great product. Makes me feel much more comfortable at work.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    90-day returns & 180-day exchanges

    Sweat proof

    Blocks sweat stains from showing.


    Absorbs and evaporates sweat.

    Stain repellent

    Repels all types of stains.

    Odor repellent

    Reduces odor from sweat and wear.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are No Sweat Clothing™ different from other brands?

    The main difference between us and other brands, or products, on the market similar to us, is that we have developed our own unique technology which does more than just protect an area around your armpits.

    Instead of only having armpit protection, our fabric protects the whole clothing itself, of course without the user noticing.

    So, instead of having "extra protective pads" sewed in under your armpits, you'll experience all over sweat blocking, sweat-wicking, stain repellent, odor neutralizing, breathable and stretchy pieces of clothing.

    *Guarantee of production of European standards.

    Will the effectiveness degrade with time?

    Fantastic news! You can rest assured, the effectiveness of our product stands the test of time.

    Unlike ordinary solutions that rely on superficial chemical coatings, our sweat-repelling magic is woven deep within the very fabric itself.

    Even after enduring a hundred washes, the remarkable power to repel sweat remains an integral and enduring feature of our fabric.

    So, you can confidently say goodbye to worries about deterioration – our performance is here to stay.

    Who is your clothing designed for?

    For excessive sweaters
    Our clothing is meticulously crafted with a singular purpose in mind: to offer respite and confidence to those dealing with Hyperhidrosis and even those who simply find themselves battling excessive sweating on a daily basis.

    Crafted for every wardrobe
    However, our mission extends far beyond labels or diagnoses. In truth, our garments are designed to be a welcome solution for anyone who seeks comfort, style, and the assurance of staying sweat-stain-free.

    Picture this: clothing that transcends boundaries and is tailored for every walk of life. It's not just clothing; it's a promise.

    We proudly declare, 'Designed in Norway. Made in Japan. Worn just about everywhere.' These shirts seamlessly blend into your daily routine, both in terms of how they feel and how they look.

    Does the garment prevent yellow armpit stains?

    Absolutely, our garments provide comprehensive protection against armpit stains and more.

    Unlike many other brands that limit protection to just underarms or the back, our cutting-edge technology and premium quality fabrics ensure that the entire garment offers robust defense against unsightly sweat stains, as well as those pesky wine and coffee mishaps.

    Moreover, our unique fabric, meticulously developed, goes beyond stain prevention to combat odors and promote quick drying. When it comes to safeguarding your clothing and confidence, we've got you covered from every angle.

    How does your 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee work?

    Plain and simple; if you'd like to exchange your piece of clothing(s) in a different size, you'd have 180 days to do so.

    For a refund, you'd have 90 days.

    Just like a normal refund and exchange policy.

    Please read our refund policy and return policy so it's no misunderstandings.

    You are more than welcome to use our live chat or email us at with any questions.

    Do you offer international shipping?

    Absolutely! We take pride in our global reach, having successfully delivered our shirts to over 60 diverse countries across the world. We're thrilled to bring our quality products to you, wherever you may be.

    Please bear in mind that every country has its distinct customs protocols and regulations. In the unlikely event that your package encounters customs procedures, we want to ensure a smooth experience for you.

    If your item(s) happen to be held at customs, rest assured that we're here to assist you throughout the process. You will be responsible for any necessary communication with customs authorities and any additional costs required for the release of your cherished purchase.


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