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94 / 37
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106 / 41,7
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Women Undershirt V-Neck Regular


No Sweath undershirts – The best mix between an undershirt and a conventional undershirt!
Use it under your shirt or sweater to keep excessive moisture to get to the outer layer, or just use it as a normal undershirt. All this while keeping odor and stain free.

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The undershirts are made using hydrophilic-wicking materials, resulting in a thin, soft, stretchy, and fast-drying undershirt which is extremely light and comfortable.
Created in collaboration with Japanese scientists in biochemistry and molecular technology we utilize the latest in Japanese nanotechnology to give you the best heat relief apparel ever made.

How it works – The technology

Utilizing the latest in Japanese nanotechnology we aim to solve the problem of visible stains on your outer clothing. All our fabrics are moisture-absorbent one the inner layer and repellent on the other side.
The inner layer absorbs liquid three times faster than a normal undershirt. It also dries extremely fast and is resistant to bacteria that create odor. This will keep you fresh a lot longer than with conventional undershirts.
The liquid-repellent outer layer serves as a barrier to prevent liquid from coming through, leaving the outside clean and dry. This works with all kinds of liquid, water, sweat, juice, beer, and even wine. This repellent barrier is stretchy and breathable, allowing evaporation to occur so you are able to cool off quickly.

Some of the advantages of the undershirt

  • Micro-air space to promote evaporative cooling
  • All over sweat-blocking effects
  • Double-sided mesh to eliminate cling
  • Zig-Zag stitching for the most comfortable fit
  • Stretch fit
  • The hydrophilic liquid-absorbent inner layer
  • Hydrophilic liquid-blocking exterior
  • Anti-bacterial to reduce odor
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
  • Dust and stain repellent

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